Infographic Design | Travel Survey

It's always fun when a client comes to you with a page of copy and the request to work you magic. When's PR agency, LaunchSquad, connected with us to create an infographic for a recent survey they conducted, they did just that. We were sent a brand logo, a set of brand guidelines and a page of copy. That is when the magic happened.

Telling a Story via Infographic

Have you ever seen an infographic that was jut a series of statistics? That is the opposite of what we wanted to create. We wanted to develop a design that told the overall story in one glacnce. The survey was about travel, so ensuring the content had motion to it was important.

Content & Creative

The second task when creating an infographic was to visualize the indivdual statistics. This was the fun part. We found inspiration around the interwebs then took to Illustrator to design vector files that could be used in the infographic and any other collateral the brand may want to develop.

Social. Social. Social.

Once the infographic was approved and finalized, we finished to project by developing social media content for to use on all of its channels.

How to Get Yours!

If you want to order a infographic for your survey or any other marketing collateral, Tuesday Grace Designs is happy to help!