Event Creative | Sephora x Coachella Welcome Packet

While I wasn't able to go to Coachella this year, I did have a chance to put my mark on the music festival. I recently worked with BOLD PR and Sephora on a quick Coachella project.

The Background | Making a Welcome Packet

If you haven't listened to one of my favorite podcasts, Fat Mascara, then you may not know that one of the perks of being a beauty editor is they are whisked away on experiential press trips to learn more about a brand.

Since Sephora sponsored a tent at Coachella, they invited a handful of editors to come along with them. They also tapped Tuesday Grace Designs to design a welcome brochure for the editors who flew in to attend the event.

The Process | What to Include in Your Welcome Packet

The brochure design contained all of the pertinent information, including shuttle times, the show lineup and how to download the Coachella app. It also effortlessly tied the Sephora aesthetic with a touches of Coachella-inspired design elements.

How to Get Yours!

If you want to order a custom brochure design, or any other event creative, Tuesday Grace Designs is happy to help!