Custom Stationery | Baby Shower Thank You Cards

With technology, it's easier than ever to contact someone, but there are certain times in your life when a text message, Facebook comment or "Like" will not suffice. Festivities like weddings, baby showers and house warming parties are some of those occasions. That's why it is important to always have thank you notes or custom stationery on-hand.

The Background | Working with Friends

When I found out my former coworker and good friend was pregnant, I couldn't have happier. She was the first person to take a chance on me (professionally), and gave me my first full-time job. I worked with her for about five years, and we became friends, conspirators, and nearly family.

So, when she asked if I'd design custom thank you cards for her baby shower, there was no way I was going to turn down the opportunity.

The Process | Baby Shower Thank You Cards

She already had an idea of what she wanted the cards to look like (thanks to Pinterest), so all I had to do was whip up a few options. The key element to the cards is a rocking horse illustration, so I made two designs that were similar to the inspiration she shared. Just, for safety's sake and because I subconsciously know her like the back of my hand threw her a curve ball with a more modern-looking rocking horse.

After a little back-and-forth, and some fun design additions (like the striped pattern on the back), we landed on the modern design. The simplicity of the rocking horse speaks to her chic style and feels more masculine for her future linebacker.

How to Get Yours!

If you want to order custom baby shower thank you cards, or any special event stationery and invitations, Tuesday Grace Designs is happy to help!