Custom Stationery | Baby Shower Thank You Cards

With technology, it's easier than ever to contact someone, but there are certain times in your life when a text message, Facebook comment or "Like" will not suffice. Festivities like weddings, baby showers and house warming parties are some of those occasions. That's why it is important to always have thank you notes or custom stationery on-hand.

The Background | Working with Friends

When I found out my former coworker and good friend was pregnant, I couldn't have happier. She was the first person to take a chance on me (professionally), and gave me my first full-time job. I worked with her for about five years, and we became friends, conspirators, and nearly family.

So, when she asked if I'd design custom thank you cards for her baby shower, there was no way I was going to turn down the opportunity.

The Process | Baby Shower Thank You Cards

She already had an idea of what she wanted the cards to look like (thanks to Pinterest), so all I had to do was whip up a few options. The key element to the cards is a rocking horse illustration, so I made two designs that were similar to the inspiration she shared. Just, for safety's sake and because I subconsciously know her like the back of my hand threw her a curve ball with a more modern-looking rocking horse.

After a little back-and-forth, and some fun design additions (like the striped pattern on the back), we landed on the modern design. The simplicity of the rocking horse speaks to her chic style and feels more masculine for her future linebacker.

How to Get Yours!

If you want to order custom baby shower thank you cards, or any special event stationery and invitations, Tuesday Grace Designs is happy to help!

Infographic Design | Travel Survey

It's always fun when a client comes to you with a page of copy and the request to work you magic. When's PR agency, LaunchSquad, connected with us to create an infographic for a recent survey they conducted, they did just that. We were sent a brand logo, a set of brand guidelines and a page of copy. That is when the magic happened.

Telling a Story via Infographic

Have you ever seen an infographic that was jut a series of statistics? That is the opposite of what we wanted to create. We wanted to develop a design that told the overall story in one glacnce. The survey was about travel, so ensuring the content had motion to it was important.

Content & Creative

The second task when creating an infographic was to visualize the indivdual statistics. This was the fun part. We found inspiration around the interwebs then took to Illustrator to design vector files that could be used in the infographic and any other collateral the brand may want to develop.

Social. Social. Social.

Once the infographic was approved and finalized, we finished to project by developing social media content for to use on all of its channels.

How to Get Yours!

If you want to order a infographic for your survey or any other marketing collateral, Tuesday Grace Designs is happy to help!

Event Creative | Sephora x Coachella Welcome Packet

While I wasn't able to go to Coachella this year, I did have a chance to put my mark on the music festival. I recently worked with BOLD PR and Sephora on a quick Coachella project.

The Background | Making a Welcome Packet

If you haven't listened to one of my favorite podcasts, Fat Mascara, then you may not know that one of the perks of being a beauty editor is they are whisked away on experiential press trips to learn more about a brand.

Since Sephora sponsored a tent at Coachella, they invited a handful of editors to come along with them. They also tapped Tuesday Grace Designs to design a welcome brochure for the editors who flew in to attend the event.

The Process | What to Include in Your Welcome Packet

The brochure design contained all of the pertinent information, including shuttle times, the show lineup and how to download the Coachella app. It also effortlessly tied the Sephora aesthetic with a touches of Coachella-inspired design elements.

How to Get Yours!

If you want to order a custom brochure design, or any other event creative, Tuesday Grace Designs is happy to help!

Custom Stationery | Essie Dinner Menu

The Background | Designing an Event Menu

As so often happens in the public relations world, MML PR called us with an urgent request. They needed two menu options for an upcoming media dinner. Lucky for them, we used to work in PR and know the importance of working on tight deadlines.

After sharing a handful of different options, we finally landed on the simple, yet chic dinner menu that features a white marble background.

We love this design so much, we even think it would be perfect for a wedding menu design.

How to Get Yours!

If you want to order custom event menus, or any special event stationery and invitations, Tuesday Grace Designs is happy to help!