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Print & Digital Marketing Creative foe the Modern Brand

Our Story

Tuesday Grace Designs was founded in 2016, but unofficially, it began years earlier. I worked at a boutique public relations firm that catered to international clients, but we didn’t have an in-house graphic designer at our disposal. 


Each time we needed collateral designed, we had to plan months ahead of time to work with each of our client’s design team. This long design process restricted our ability to be nimble and versatile with our printed collateral.


One day, we needed a holiday event invitation on the fly. Unfortunately, “like, yesterday” wasn’t an option on our client’s internal creative brief, so I designed the invitation myself and it was approved and sent to the media the next day.


Since then, I have partnered with numerous PR and Marketing agencies on all their visual marketing design needs. So, they can present their clients with exceptional work in a timely manner. 


I am nimble, resourceful, and adaptable. I can design within your client’s strict creative guidelines as well as present you with new ideas that push all our boundaries.


If this sounds like something you or your agency needs, then contact me to find out how I can be an asset to your team!


Our Values

Friendly Service

I pride myself in giving each of my clients a one-on-one experience, after all, we are a team! Whenever we work on a graphic design process together, I want you to feel like you’re able to share all your needs, questions, and even frustrations.


As an extension of your team, I want to know what your client’s needs are. I also enjoy the freedom to share different creative options that your client’s may not even know they need!



I know how fast-paced the PR and Marketing industries are, so I try my best to work within your timelines. That said, we are all on a constant journey to find work-life balance, so giving me as much lead-time as possible is preferred to nurture the creative process.

Professional Designs

I want to make you and your clients look good…literally! My designs help you find the perfect balance between what is said and what is shown so your clients or business are presented as professional and luxurious


About Chelsea





Hofstra University, BA in Public Relations


Hollywood, FL (via Michigan, Connecticut, New York City, and Upsate New York)

How I Learned Graphic Design:

First, there was a class in high school, which taught me the basics, but mostly it taught me how to do very little in class while looking busy. Then, in college, I became a blogger. Of course, as a blogger, I couldn't just wax poetic about a over-priced handbag, but I had to create collages to make that bag look its best. So, I did what any college student working on an intern's salary (read free) would do... I downloaded a free trial of Photoshop and googled how to "jail break" it. Worry not, I pay full price for my Adobe Creative Suite now.

Favorite Weekend Activities:

  1. A Netflix marathon with my guy
  2. Trying to coax my 100lb Cane Corso mastiff into the pool...she refuses every time
  3. Reading novels, preferably those with a murder mystery
  4. W-I-N-E. At a a the my a box with a fox— I don't care where it occurs as long as the grapes are fermented.

Secret Talent:

I'm really good a playing movie bomb because I Google every single movie or show I watch.

Best Design Tip:

Let the creative do the talking— words aren't always your friend.